~ Your customers have changed! So must your business and organization ~

By Gerald B.P Yorke


    The 21st Century with all its new rapid development in Digital information communication technologies have totally changed everything from how we live, work and also we do business. Understand this, Your target customers have changed in this 21st century and so much your business and organization change the way it does and conduct business if its ever going to succeed in creating and adding value to all stake holders and share holders. Old traditional marketing principles and norms have been replaced with new rules, practices, foundations and strategies. We now live in a digital world and many of your customers and consumers are now digital customers. 

Everything about business have changed. All old foundations, rules and principles and principles about business have changed in this new 21st century.

Businesses, organizations, enterprises and corporations must adapt to these new changes if they are to survive, thrive, succeed and be able to reach their targetted customers with their products and services. Businesses must change the way they market, advertise and promise their brands, products and services . Managers and marketers of brands must ask what their marketing can do for their customers – what value they can add and bring to the life of customers

“We now live in a digital world and many of your customers and consumers are now digital customers.”

Companies, Business, Enterprises, organizations and corporations in the 21st century must operate by the new rules of digital branding, marketing and advertising in order to be successful. Businesses must change their mindset and adopt new digital principles and practices in order to be effective in this new web-enabled technological age.