Digital Advert Ghana(D.A.G) is a digital e-company which empowers businesses, corporations, organizations and enterprises in Ghana with the right digital knowledge, solutions, tools, tips, techniques, skills and strategies on how to conduct and do business in this new 21st century information communication technology e-conomy where almost every sector of business, trade and commerce have been digitized.    Digital Advert Ghana(D.A.G) is on a mission to help businesses and organizations in Ghana rebuild and re-energize their digital brands in the digital domain to ensure that all business objectives and goals for both stakeholders and shareholders have been achieved. Digital Advert Ghana (D.A.G) also aims to help businesses in Ghana develop, create, and build powerful, dynamic and effective Digital Marketing and Advertising campaigns that will promote their brands, products and services to the right targeted customers in the digital and cyber world. #DigitalAdvertGhana