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Who We Are

Digital Advert Ghana(D.A.G) Digital Advert Ghana is an Advertising, consulting and Marketing Agency that uses New Digital Methods, Techniques and Strategies to advertise and promote Companies. Digital Avert Ghana is a company on a mission to revolutionize Digital Marketing and Advertising in Ghana.

The company is on a mission to make sure that every business, corporation and organization in Ghana is represented on the internet and empowered with the right digital knowledge and information to enable businesses in Ghana take full advantage of all new digital information communication technology tools to Re-energize and Re-build their brand and business.


A good website is one that knows how to convert visitors to customers. When we build professional website designs, we do it with the end user in. Just pure, simple, make-you-want-read-more design.


We build human-centric apps with seamless design across Android & IOS. .


Digital Marketing strategies require direction with clearly thought out objectives and targets. We create and manage bespoke DM campaigns that generate awareness, sales and enquires for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

You’ve got the perfect website. Now what? We can work a little magic known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will help drive traffic to your website.